Kaylee McMann

Violin, Piano, Early childhood music program
Brief info

Kaylee has been playing violin since the 3rd grade. Throughout her early school years she took weekly private violin lessons, as well as participated in the orchestra program funded by her school.

She was also a member of the choir and participated in every yearly musical from 4th until 12th grade. In high school she participated in The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), All-County festivals, and Cross-Country festivals for both voice and violin. While in high school she took many after school courses on string quartet formation and techniques. She has also studied piano and voice. However, the learning hasn’t stopped there. While at the University of Toronto she took courses in Music Therapy and how music effects brain development in children and adolescence. Since moving to Canada, she has been a music teacher for 4 years. KayLee teaches violin and piano at Melody Music Studio and she really looks forward to sharing both her knowledge and love of music with each and every student!

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