At Melody we offer Early childhood music programs for children from birth-4 years old.

Family Music for babies.
By engaging your baby in music classes early on, you have taken the first step toward bonding musically with your child and enriching your family’s life through active music-making. You are also nurturing the baby’s musical aptitude at a time unparalleled in importance in your child’s musical development.

Children are naturally drawn to music which will make your time in Musikgarten classes both fun and beneficial. Activities include bouncing songs and rocking songs, finger plays and body awareness games, dances and instrumental play, all of which stimulates the brain, fosters physical development, and cultivates listening skills.

Family music for Toddlers.
In our Family Music for Toddlers classes we will delight in the endless energy of your children, their joy in bouncing, rocking, and dancing with you, and in seeing them develop in this wonderful, musical environment! As we watch them grow, we can imagine them singing in the choir, playing in the band, or playing songs on the piano for a family gathering in just a few years. As we sing, bounce, rock, dance, and play instruments together we are laying the foundation necessary for success in music, regardless of which path your toddler takes in the future.

Toddlers are always moving! In fact movement is not only your toddler’s favorite new-found skill, it is your toddler’s most effective way to learn. Although children eventually have to learn to “sit still and listen” they can not do it yet, and engaging them in purposeful movement activities is the perfect preparation for this all-important skill.

Listening is the cornerstone of all learning. While most children are born with the ability to hear, all children have to be taught to listen well. Family Music for Toddlers class is the perfect environment for nurturing this critical skill. Our focused listening activities direct the children to listen to short examples of familiar sounds that tie in with the activities. They hear the sound of a cat after singing Three Little Kittens, or the sound of hammering, sawing, and drilling after doing The Workshop. In our noisy world, it is necessary to teach children to focus on sounds which they already know, as well as filter out peripheral sounds. This is so important given the barrage of sounds that fill our malls, restaurants and even classrooms!

All children are innate singers! In fact, the cooing of a child is very light, high, and musical. By keeping the child in a singing-rich environment your child will retain his/her singing voice and gain control of it in an ever-expanding range. And singing songs, playing instruments, dancing, and rocking with you elevates these experiences so they live on in the mind of the child forever.

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